"We were concerned about the air quality in our older home and were very excited to try the ClearWave Air system! The first thing we noticed was that our daughter was able to sleep at night without snoring the first night after plugging in our unit in her bedroom. She had been snoring every night for the last year and a half!

It is amazing! Having the air purifiers running in our home has really made a huge difference! We were so happy with it that we have 3 running in our home at all times! It really helps with keeping the air fresh even though we have a child, two dogs and a cat!"

Brent S

"My wife has seen several doctors for the last year trying to understand why she has major headaches and unable to sleep at night. Since adding the ClearWave Air unit she has slept through the night and the vast majority of days with headaches has stopped. Thanks for the technology and ability to sleep a little better."

David G

"My best friend has two cats, and I have no allergy problems at her house when I go over there now (she has a ClearWave Air unit). Also, in the past, I’ve had many sinus issues, but I haven’t had any since I started using the Clearwave Air purifier in my own room."

Kaitlyn M

"Wow! We did a mould test in our motorhome. There was a stale air smell that was worse when it sat for a few weeks. Testing showed mould and mildew were the cause. After 6 days the mould test was clear…the stale air smell all mould and mildew gone! So now we have purchased units for our family room, bedroom and my office. Thank you!"

Kent B