Affordable Technology

New advanced patented ultraviolet light technology delivers the purest air. Proven.

20+ ClearWave Air Patents Reinvent Air Purification Technology. ClearWave Air is clinically proven to be the most effective air purifier available, eradicating disease-causing germs and organisms more completely than any other technology.

Technology from the bottom-up

Germ-laden air is drawn in

  • Contaminated air is drawn into the base of the attractively-designed unit
  • Natural coconut-shell activated carbon filter reduces ozone, VOCs, odours and dust - replaceable filters are economical

Air is intensely UV-zapped

  • Adjustable-speed fan moves air through the important, patented high-tech parts
  • Advanced microprocessor diagnostics continuously monitors all functions for optimum efficiency
  • Proprietary microbial kill chamber destroys all germs, bacteria, viruses and mould spores
  • High-intensity, long-life germicidal UV lamp is user replaceable

Purified air freshens the room

  • Gorgeous air outlets deliver a directional stream of clean, pure air back into the room
  • Control knob adjusts air flow and white noise volume to mask undesirable sounds

The ClearWave Air purifier has been independently and intensively tested and verified by global testing provider Intertek to officially confirm the efficiency figures, and has been recognised and certified by bodies such as the California Air Resources Board.


Patented KILL CHAMBER Amplifies Ultraviolet Light Exposure to Germs

No harmful germs survive our Kill Chamber. Exclusive ClearWave Air synergistic air-scrubbing technology kills unwanted microorganisms, mould spores and airborne pathogens and reduces ozone, pollen, odors and chemical compounds.