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Indoor air pollution is a significant source of poor air quality.

The ClearWave Air unit is designed to significantly reduce viral, bacterial, and mould sources in your home.
Protect yourself and your loved ones by destroying viruses and bacteria in the room where the ClearWave Air is setup. 

 "We are what We breathe"


ClearWave Air ClearWave Air   Unlike other purifiers that depend on filtration to block out harmful microbes and moulds, ClearWave Air destroys these harmful micro-antagonists and does it continuously, quietly, and efficie... Get a Quote More Info
ClearWave Air Filters ClearWave Air Filters from £7.00 Your ClearWave Air purifier has a small prefilter at the base of the unit near the Air Inlet Area. This filter is designed to protect the electronics to dust and debris. The ... Add to basket
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